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System & construction process

After the website went live, we will provide support you through development & renewal

Website Development Ecommerce

Telephone: +62-361-23-8091

Office hours: Monday–Saturday from 9AM–5PM (GMT+8)

Appkey also provide e-commerce website development. EC website development are one of the service that we offer in our hotel. With support from our skilled programmers, we try to bring the best services to our customer.

Operating System/Construction System

Success or failure of a site update rely on operation after publication. we support design and construction operation system and operating system that optimized based on resource, organization structure and target market.

We will support system creation after the website went live and thoroughly repair and update the website

Went a website went live, staff and production house tend to relax and let their guard down. However a number of problem arise after the initial launch. Task and problem that never exist during development process might happen. Of course an update with current situation is needed. If there’s no update or maintenance work conducted, a website will gradually turn bad after launched. Does the website work? the answer will depend on the after production maintenance.


Actually, the steps that you’re going to take after the website went live, have to be considered should’ve been considered during strategy phase. Within that phase, client can determine scope of work, KPI, budget etc. have to be determined toward certain extend and when moving forward with design and development, we have to clarify concrete operating system and what we have to do and discuss with stakeholder before the site went live. However, if you decide to publish without creating consistent plan as mentioned above, a failed in website operation will be ensured.

Various guideline formulation

What needed for a smooth operation is a clear guideline. We prepare various guideline such as design, coding, copywriting etc.

Continue to monitor website performance after publication with numbers.

as we operate, content and design guideline that we specify will gradually change and the overall web quality will decrease gradually, especially when you ask a number of production company or have your employee repair the website and if you do, the quality will tumble. To avoid situation like this. we will give a clear guideline.

Design guideline

Guideline that will describe basic design rules such as header, footer and layout pattern, headline, typography, color and margin. Because it’s too unrealistic to determine the definition, we will only decide realistic design development as operation continue. We will not do updating the design if the client doesn’t ask for it.


Coding guideline

Guideline that will be used during coding, that summarize environment that recommended, description regulation such as HTML,CSS, JavaScript and file storing description. We focus element that have impact on usability,accessibility, SEO, updatability etc. In most cases, created during website development and updated during publication.


Notation guideline

This guideline will be mostly used for copywriting, such as headline, Katakana description, notation regulation such as technical term. Our focus is on requirements that might have variance in representation by responsible person. In most cases this guideline are developed during website development phase.

Operation / Manual Update

If you’re utilizing CMS such as WordPress, you can correspondence even when you’re at home based on the organization structure and the one who responsible literacy level, we will create easy to understand production and orientation guideline.

Brief manual that cover operational procedure

We aim for a smooth transition process

This will be the literacy guideline for the one who responsible to update the website such as News, simple announcement is an easier assignment to do instead of Word or Excel. However, there are a number of case where you’re reluctant to update it because it’s not a website friendly and updating it on your browser.


Therefore we will not only implement CMS, we will provide manual that explain procedure to update CMS. It will not in a form of comprehensive technical explanation but will focused on what you’re capable of doing and what you’ll be able to do in term of operation flow even for those who have limited knowledge about web and easily update while referring to the manual provided.

The following item will be explained in the manual:


    • CMS basic
    • Login method
    • Basic configuration management
    • Basic contribution screen
    • How to write article
    • Editing tools explanation
    • How to upload file
    • Determined file size
    • How to set new category
    • How to create a new tag
    • How to edit/delete article
    • Special arrangement
    • Add and delete unauthorized user
    • Agreement and review
    • Time Release Method


Furthermore, we will add description to the required manual based on website characteristic and user literacy that will be responsible for update. If you have any question, kindly ask us.

Content creation support

On website utilization, content delivery will highly required for web that continuously providing information such as blog etc. However, there are case where a good copywriter are the main obstacle and activity are stopped.

We will support the creation of ongoing content that is very much needed on the website.

Content creation and updating is essential for Web sites that actively disseminate information about blogs and the like. However, there are some cases where excellent copywriters are registered with the company, content creation is a major obstacle, and activity often stops.

We have a number of attainment which related to content operation, such as blog execution, daily report site, user generated, daily SNS which attract user from that source. I’m familiar to SEO characteristic and SNS to what headline to use, how many time it should be posted and which content should be posted. By utilizing my knowledge, we will support company that have issue which explained above and trouble in creating appropriate content operation.

Planning/Advertising implementation

Even though people are capable of doing advertising, professional knowledge are very important and very delicate tool with budget management. Furthermore, it’s not an easy feat to determine the right media. From media choice and keyword, advertising operational support are enabled.

We propose advertising optimum advertising method to support advertisement.

Advertising operation is needed to gather enough traffic to the underperforming SEO in a fast and steady way. Even though we’re not a marketing agency, as a part of our web development service, we will develop marketing strategy if needed to planning and execution. Specifically, we support advertising operation with below item:

    • Verifying current advertising
    • Advertising budget management
    • Media decision that will be used
    • (in case of advertising listing) keywords
    • How to advertise and discourse about operation (for in-house)
    • Reporting status from advertising (in case you entrust it to us)
    • Production Advertising Copy
    • Banner Advertising Copy
    • Landing page related to advertising
    • Verification effect based on analysis log


There are advertising management company that has been selected by the company, there is also an option of partial outsourcing or the option to thoroughly outsource the entire advertising operation. In term of flexibility based on company need, we will consider the scope of support.

Landing page

When you’re doing advertising, a proper working landing page is a must have. Very detailed landing page creation will determine content, design and utilizing a whole theory of direct advertising.

We will create a qualified landing page to maximize advertising impact.

Most of the time, we’ll see a case where advertisement are linked to home, top category and page detail which are a clear example of failed advertising. In Advertising, it’s very important for advertising to be linked with landing page. Furthermore, instead of preparing the same landing page. The more you prepare it based on advertising plan and keyword, the more effective it is. We create landing page that focused on conversion and considering advertising route.


This step will enable outsourcing for update work such as news release. We will support operation update more smoothly including manual formatting update and updating request form, communication form and regulation making.

We will create update guideline and actualize smooth operation.

For company and registered company that have a very aggressive public relation activity. Updating work and press conference are very important and happens frequently. If you find difficulties in updating the client’s website, we would be able to help with the updating work. Aside from only taking order instruction, we would be able to provide general support that utilize operation update such as system clarification, communication regulation, document formatting required and CMS adjustment, I will specifically do the following steps:

    • Listening (content update confirmation and requency)
    • CMS specification confirmation
    • Update clarification process/approval
    • Creating manual update
    • Update request form
    • Create, edit and modifying content
    • Approval Request
    • Public confirmation
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.