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In website development we prioritize thorough research and data analysis, this allow design and planning we provide excel from others

Online Marketing Strategy

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As a website development company, Appkey introduce online marketing strategy by using website. We support your company marketing by using website, starts from website design, design development, production to website operation itself.

Market Research

In website development that contribute to business development, it is very important to understand each website business that being developed. To identify market characteristic, we would be able to do it live and through user interface survey.

  • Process

      • Understanding Business Problem
      • Survey Item Clarification
      • Investigation Method Determination
      • Information Gathering
      • Analysis and Information Discussion
      • Reporting

About survey item, it depend on item being checked and wether the mentioned item can be surveyed. In general, the said survey method can be divided to the following:



Public Data Analysis and Aggregation

We collect and analysis accurate data provided by the state, regional government and research organization which has been published on the Internet. Alternatively, you could purchase paid data to obtain faster and accurate information. Which eventually will be published for free. However if you prefer free information, the downside is limited access which result in inadequate information obtained.



Keyword Analysis

Keyword determination for your website is one of marketing strategy on the internet. We utilize Google Trends and Keyword Planner to know its usage on the market.planning process and keyword determination are free however a specific skill set to implement, clarification method and assessment. Aside from that, understanding is a required skill set on the internet to understand market scale on a website scope. However it’s very difficult to predict the overall market including offline and it’s not appropriate for a market forecast that not required to become visible. Service that they’re not currently looking for.



Social Media Survey

The mentioned social media survey in this case are estimating market need from SNS information such as Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc. This will allow us to gather qualitative information which doesn’t appear on a big scale survey. However, this step is not sufficient to investigate services and product which are not mentioned on the social media. Aside from that, complex psychology such as desires to prove own effort. There is also a probability to remove comments that are not appropriate allowing us to understand the purpose of website development.

Target Analysis

To ensure the success of marketing strategy, the right audience are required to determine proper design & content. Based on that we utilize various method and tools to better understand our customer needs.

Target Determination Fundamentals

In doing target analysis, after data gathering, resource determination, market survey, etc. We’ll start target determination by the following perspective:



Demography Attribute such as age, gender, job, salary and housing


Psychology Attribute such as trend, preference, value, royalty and affection


Attribute based on wand and desire

Competitor Site Analysis

Trend in competitive location might have significant impact on very competitive industry. For each item such as content, function and design, we will compare the advantage and picture an idea.

Search Result Comparison

We will assess competitor website with targeted keyword especially from SEO perspective. Analysis with unique index, focus on content, code structure, source, labelling and will pay attention to content and design from the updated website.

Content Comparison

We will compare, assess the quality and quantity of the content from the competitor website. Content is the main factor that affect website appeal, therefore, in many case, this is the most important item from competitor website analysis. This is not a subjective by any chance, however it’s purely based on target need acquired from target analysis. We will highlight inferior and superior part compared to competitor and use it as information reference as update.

Functionality Comparison

With heuristic evaluation by developer or user’s review by targeted audience, we utilize 5 – 6 item that determined by operation which will be compared with competitor website. Survey result will be presented on graph to evaluate competitor website advantage in term of functionality and use reference information when updating the website.

Brand and desire comparison

We’ll define preliminary 5 – 6 specific brand and design item, heuristic evaluation by art director and compare to competitor’s website. We will compare and evaluate in detail not only limited to simple focused design, but also copy quality from branding perspective, visual quality such as photo and image, tone consistency and creative quality in general.

Brand and desire comparison

We’ll define preliminary 5 – 6 specific brand and design item, heuristic evaluation by art director and compare to competitor’s website. We will compare and evaluate in detail not only limited to simple focused design, but also copy quality from branding perspective, visual quality such as photo and image, tone consistency and creative quality in general.

Keyword Analysis

By analyzing keyword being used, you will get various insights. By means of utilizing tools and segmenting keyword from marketing perspective, we will determine user’s need.

By analyzing this keyword, it’s possible for us to determine market size on the internet and decide core policy and channel used to attract user, including SEO

Furthermore, it can be applied on content planning with the related keyword. category structure construction based on keyword, ROI projection from estimated user’s visit, etc. Because this item have a broad impact, keyword analysis has become the most important part in website development. With that, we do keyword analysis based on the focus given by the proposal.

Navigation Query

After clear website’s keyword has been found, take for example company name, brand name and product name. Because we’re visiting website with clear goal in mind, with low bounce rate and inclined visit time. Aside from that, because search query based on the market awareness, it’s safe to say that query’s number will face a difficult incriment after the web being updated.

Query Information

In query for information gathering, what do you want to know represented as keyword search. Because that’s the purpose of information gathering, even when you visit a website with that query, the bounce rate is high, and visit time tend to be low. However, there seems to be certain effect on the brand awareness and the media itself as the web went live with this queries.

Transactional Request

This is the type of query that do it search because you’d like to do something. Such as the need to purchase something, requesting information, requesting question, etc. If there seems to be quite the number of queries on the targeted audience, we need to set up function from the related page on the website.

Furthermore, from such a large classification, segments are made according to the type of information, the search volume in the segment group and the tendency for search behavior to be lowered, and the search keywords targeted by the website are decided. In addition, as a tool for getting information into a source of analysis, we use the following primarily.

Google trends

We will assess keyword on google trends and try to understand previous trend and upcoming search growth. If the related keyword that represent brand keep increasing, then a new content creation is advised and if the search decline, then we will adjust website strategy guideline, such as changing position. Aside from that, Google Trends able to show certain data with specific search result with only estimated number of result. Because of the lack in accuracy, unable to understand specified analysis and niche keyword, there will be additional assessment on keyword planning that will be used and search for keyword analysis from analysis log completely.

Keyword Planning

Even though keywords being published to Google AdWords initially used to check other keyword, other related niche keyword also listed as well as search volume estimation will be released, therefore your SEO guideline planning would be able to use to forecast market size/ inflow number search. We will download listed keyword on Keyword Planning as CSV file, process it with Excel and will prioritize on keyword group. Based on this item content & strategy structure normally determined.

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